Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wang for Less

I'm frothing at the mouth. CDFA winners Vena Cava and Alexander Wang -- two of my favorite young designers -- just dropped (yesterday) their khaki Gap collections.

I'm loving khaki this season and to have it transformed into edgy fashion...again, froth. My personal favorites are the Vena Cava dresses (both) and the Wang pleated shorts. Vena Cava has proven again that they are deserving of all the accolades bestowed upon them. I never thought I'd say "sexy" and "khaki" in the same breath. But the exposed-zipper dress is hot. I also love the boyfriend khakis and would have scooped them up as well, but the detailing around the pocket and knee felt a little...Forever 21.

As for Alexander Wang, I know his khaki pleated shorts are pretty much going to be my uniform for the summer. Pair with a tank, blousy top or t-shirt, these shorts give a ladylike edginess to any outfit.

So, run over your local Gap, or just check out the styles online. And, excuse me while I go grab a tissue for my mouth...

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