Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pancakes Anyone?

I usually like to focus on what I consider to be the Good Witches of fashion, but occasionally, I am left so dumbfounded by a Bad Witch, that I have to, have to share.

A friend recently sent me this TMZ picture of Mischa Barton and I actually stared at it for a good minute. As cringe-worthy as the outfit is, it wasn't the shock-value of the ensemble that gave me pause.

First, let's just note that every last thing she has on should be incinerated. But, the centerpiece of the outfit -- those pants, good heavens, those pants -- not only conjured up visions of genies and flapjacks, but awakened a long-dormant memory I had tucked away many moons ago.

Back when I was 13, I...owned a pair of shorts...they were from The Limited...I'm sorry, this is difficult for me...and...well...they had...down the front..the very same fold-over flaps! Not only did the flaps fold over into two enormous triangles down the front of my shorts, they also were highlighted with contrasting stripes!!! Oh the horror!

They were white denim, with a black belt, and the top folded over into huge black-and-white stripe triangles...with buttons! I loved wearing them with my Limited tank top and my Keds, which I now only see on women over 60. I accessorized with huge gold bamboo hoop earrings (still love those). My crowning glory? Hair curled and teased to within an inch of its life.

Sigh. It feels so much better to confess and to admit that we all have our fashion foibles. I am just forever thankful that my missteps have been memorialized by a Polariod and not TMZ.

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