Monday, February 23, 2009

No Excuses...

I know...I have been neglecting you. Bad Blogger, bad.

What can I say? I have all the excuses lined up: busy with writing gigs that pay (yippee!); not getting enough sleep due to one-year-old's teething woes(boo!); traveled for a month to Thailand (yay!); had to deal with jetlag with two kids twice in one month (boo!).

But, the Oscars were last night. A post is imminent.

In the meantime, check out what belts are hot for Spring and how to wear them on my article.

And a parting thought...TopShop is finally, finally, finally arriving stateside on April 2 -- that's 40 more days in case you're wondering. (Cue backflips, chest bumps, and Toyota "What a Feeling" jumps.)

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