Saturday, November 8, 2008

These Boots WERE Made for Walkin'

I'm in love. With you. You fringed, cushion-sole wonder. You make life cute, fun, and comfy. I feel like I'm floating on air when you're with me.

I don't care that scary Rachel Zoe handpicked you on I don't care that all those Hollywood girls are straight pimping you out like a two-bit hooker. They'll never love you like I do.

I never gave my heart to Ugg. You mean more to me than that. Your fringe, your stitching, your sole. I was sold at first sight -- for $55.

I try to keep you away from my plaid shirts and blue jeans. I know you don't like them, and I understand. I think it is because they make you feel plain and sloppy. You want to shine!

You especially like spending the day with my grey or black skinnies. That makes you happy...a little more svelte, a little more sophisticated.

Oh Minnetonka, you'll be with me until the least the end of the season.


1 comment:

Denise said...

Agreed - LOVE everything about them too.. holy flashback to the 80's when I used to sport these, along with the original white slip-on moc with multi-color beads (God help us when THEY come back in vogue!) Will have to pick up a pair for myself - thanks for tip