Monday, November 17, 2008

Pet Me

Fur vests, or gilets, are all the rage this season. Fluffy, Muffy and Cottontail were all over the fashion runways and now have hit the streets. Get ready Animal Control, it's going to be a busy fall.

For those of you that don't know what a gilet is, I'm not talking about the innards of a chicken. A gilet is a waist- to knee-length jacket or vest.

Truth be told, fur vests have been in and out of favor for decades. Hollywood style icons adopted it for a devil-may-care '70s vibe that still manages to say to the world, "I poop money."

This season, our furry friends have been spotted on creepy-skinny stylist-to-the stars Rachel Zoe and even creepier-skinnier Mary Kate Olsen. Beware: When you're this tiny, you can run the risk of actually becoming the animal you are wearing.When I see pictures of MK scurrying around New York City in her fur Thing, all I can think of is a rifle-toting Sarah Palin chasing after the poor Starbucks guzzling, cigarette-smoking long-haired mouse that has no chance of getting away wearing those Balenciaga platforms.

A kissing cousin of the fur-drapes is this feather showstopper from -- surprise, surprise -- the Olsen twins’ Elizabeth and James line. It's only $595 and, as you can see here, it adds such a classy, understated touch to any look.

If you must, must, must have fur drapes in your closet this fall/winter, there are some ways to do it that work. Keep it simple and temper the innate "sexiness" of fur with a dash of innocence and quirkiness. This black-on-black look, with the sweetness of the blouse underneath, is working for me -- especially when you throw in the Ray Bans and dark lipstick.

The lesson to be learned here? Just 'cause they're furry don't mean they're cute.

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