Monday, November 10, 2008

Open Letter to Blake Lively

Dear Blake,
I'm here to tell you that you've made me a believer. You've made me believe that adult women can wear jumpers. Before you, I held firm to the notion that one-piece top/short/top/pant sets should really be kept to the under 18-month-old crowd.

But, not you. Oh, not you brave Blake. You took those Vena Cava onesies by the horns, slapped killer Jimmy Choos on them, and strutted your white girl stuff.

You didn't just do it once either. You did it once, twice, three times ma' lady. One time was the top/pant combo -- some say risky, I say ballsy. You were criticized for looking like you were ready to parachute out of a fighter plane. But, I defended you, Blake. I said, "No, she's working it! She's working it! You wouldn't wear strappy heels to jump out of the plane! Look at the necklace! She's accessorized!"

My favorite was the black onesie. I loved the jewels. Not just a top/short combo, but top/short/necklace combo. Genius!

What is next for you, my sweet Blake? I have an idea for your next fashion leap of faith...smocked dresses...with Christian Louboutins! Hot, right?

With love and admiration,

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